About Abby Brown


Abby Brown is a singer/songwriter and recording artist of Pure Music Nashville and currently lives in Seattle, WA. Her style is earthy and raw with lyrics that will tear at your heartstrings. Picking up the guitar at the age of 10 was only the beginning. She and her two younger sisters formed a band just a few months later after Abby was asked to sing the national anthem at a little league fundraiser. The sister trio found themselves performing around town with their guitar teacher, Jim Armstrong at the young ages of 6, 8 and 10.

One year later they sang the National Anthem at Fenway Park. Sarah and Abby began writing songs at ages 8 and 10 and continue to write and co-write together. 

Known as "The Brown Sisters" in Massachusetts and Florida, the trio played under the band name "Flatiron Junction" after moving to Boulder, CO.

Abby attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN for two years and moved back to Colorado to finish her degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 


Photographer: Casie Zalud